Pain in the head or upper neck may be called a headache. Head is the common location of pain. Herbal remedies for headaches in children is a great concern for everybody. A quick remedy by Ayurvedic treatment is possible in a natural way.

Causes are many in number and type. Likely the nature, treatment and prognosis are different and many for different headaches.

Classification of headaches

International Headache Society has scripted a broad classification of the disease. They are primary headaches, secondary headaches, and cranial neuralgia, facial pain, and other headaches.

Primary Headache

The primary types include Migraine, Tension headaches, Cluster headache. Other less common types of the diseses are headaches due to cough, exertion, sexual activity (coital cephalalgia) etc.

Secondary headaches

Secondary headaches take place due to an underlying structural problem in the head or neck. There are numerous causes of this ranging from bleeding in the brain, tumor, or meningitis and encephalitis.


  • Head and neck trauma
  • Blood vessel problems in the head and neck
  • Non-blood vessel problems of the brain
  • Brain tumors
  • Medications and drugs (including withdrawal from those drugs)
  • Infection
  • Systemic infections (for example, pneumonia or influenza)
  • Changes in the body’s environment
  • High blood pressure (hypertension) Dehydration, Hypothyroidism, Renal dialysis
  • Problems with the eyes, ears, nose throat, teeth and neck
  • Psychiatric disorders

Ayurvedic medicine and Ayurveda Treatment

All these problems are managed by traditional Ayurveda panchakarma treatment and Ayurvedic medicine keeping the modern approach in mind.